#2 and #3

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#2 and #3

Post by DMP » Fri Apr 13, 2012 1:09 pm

Killled # 2 and # 3 this week. Will enter #2 into the contest but will try and hold off for something bigger for the 3rd entry. #2 will be a 6 pt bird as long as the pics are approved. #3 was a 5 pt bird. Hopefully there will be another.

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Re: #2 and #3

Post by Hawken » Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:50 pm

That is awesome congrats! I am taking a buddy out tomorrow to try and get hima bird, then I am hunting on Sunday. Then next Week I leave for South Dakota, so hopefully I'll have #3 down before long. Congrats again on your birds ! :!:

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