ACME "Hotter Than Harry Potter" Turkey Vest

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ACME "Hotter Than Harry Potter" Turkey Vest

Post by backwoods commando » Sun Feb 09, 2014 4:42 am

ACME hunting systems has teamed up with Harry Potter and the Hogwarts crew to design the perfect turkey vest! Thats right here at ACME we even get to hang out with Harry Potter and friends and its MAGICAL!

Whether you are chasing big toms or running from Valdemort (who says you can't do both at the same time) the ACME "Hotter than Harry Potter" Turkey vest has the features you need! Our ole buddy Harry taught us his secret material recipe to his famous "cloak of invisibility"! Thats right, the new patented ACME "Hotter than Harry Potter" turkey vest will make you invisible! No more worrying about camo patterns because when that bird is staring at you up close and all "one eyed", YOU WONT BE THERE!!!

But wait, THERES MORE! It was hard to stay focused during our time at Hogwarts. Between riding unicorns and trying out new ACME weapons systems on those big spiders in the woods, we also spent some time designing our magical ACME "Hotter than Harry Potter" turkey vest with Hermione Granger. Thats right people here at ACME we've even got to know (some better than others)the hot chick off the Harry Potter movies! Well our good friend Hermione taught us how she fits so much stuff in her purse! If you've seen the movies then you know her purse is INSANE! Well, how does that affect you? Now you can fit not 1 call, not 3 calls, not 4 calls, but 5,000,000 calls! THATS RIGHT fellow turkey men, you can NOW CARRY 5,000,000 TURKEY CALLS! Now you really can carry the kitchen sink people! And with our vests invisible properties, you can even sneak close enough to smash that bird on the head with it!

But Wait! Thats right, THERES STILL MORE!!! With the new ACME "Hotter than Harry Potter" Turkey Vest you even get a back pocket elf. THATS RIGHT, YOU GET YOUR VERY OWN ELF*for a full year free*! You don't even have to feed it! We don't know how they stay alive, but they do! Its magical! Do you remember that little creepy guy that our good friend Harry Potter gave the sock to, and ergo gave him his freedom(I don't understand how that works either)? Well, you get one! As you will soon find out, the uses for your new back pocket elf are endless! Its like having your own creepy little turkey hunting caddy that knows magic and has to do what you say. The benefits are endless! He will even clean, dress, cook, and mount your turkey for you and all before you make it home! Just stick your bird in your back pocket watch your elf work!

Extra Features:
-Camo Pattern: Invisible
-Call Capacity: 5,000,000
-Weight capacity:infinity
-Handy retractable call lanyard
-Padded shoulder straps
-Pocket closures that open and close silently and seal when closed
-Back pocket elf
*Your Elf will disappear if not registered at within 30 days of purchase. Free for the first year then he disappears unless you send ACME $39.99 each additional year. Please do not give your elf any forms of clothing. He will disappear and your warranty will be voided.*

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Re: ACME "Hotter Than Harry Potter" Turkey Vest

Post by Grant » Sun Feb 09, 2014 6:18 am

Ah, an elf... Good stuff! Will have to think of ways to use him

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Re: ACME "Hotter Than Harry Potter" Turkey Vest

Post by blong » Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:07 am

The elf could wear your strutter decoy and go get the gobblers and bring them to you. Don't miss though, elves hate getting spurred!

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Re: ACME "Hotter Than Harry Potter" Turkey Vest

Post by Bobbyparks » Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:12 am

Man...I'm out of the loop....I heard something about a new ACME vest but didn't know it was ready for release....sounds Ike just the ticket....especially combined with some of the Atomic Crickets :)
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Re: ACME "Hotter Than Harry Potter" Turkey Vest

Post by mossyoakpro » Sun Feb 09, 2014 10:42 am

Now that is what you call creativity! Funny stuff.

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Re: ACME "Hotter Than Harry Potter" Turkey Vest

Post by sman » Sun Feb 09, 2014 12:26 pm

Does it come with bugar flavored jelly beans?

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