**2008** Georgia – Oconee WMA – Check

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**2008** Georgia – Oconee WMA – Check

Post by Gobble157 » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:11 pm

Georgia – Complete!

One of my best friends and I hunted the general hunt to Oconee WMA during the 2008 turkey season. I have hunted this wma for years with my good buddy Randy Rose. Since I lived in Ohio at the time I had my friend Nick scout the area and listen for gobbles. Nick heard a few different longbeards on the wma prior to the general public hunt. I drove down a few days before season and got prepared for our hunt at Oconee WMA. Nick and I met and we took off down I-20 towards the Greensboro exit. We had breakfast in Greensboro and made our way into the forest. I dropped Nick off at his hunting spot then drove another mile and parked my truck. I got out and took off down this big trail. As I approached the trail head I heard a gobble. I moved in the gobblers direction and found a nice oak to set up against. It appeared they did a control burn earlier in the year. It was absolutely open and some new undergrowth was popping up. The trail dropped down into a beautiful green bottom. I assumed the longbeard was in that bottom since his gobble wasn’t that far off. I waited for him to gobble a few more times before I began my calling sequence. Ten minutes had passed and I did a fly down cackle. He immediately responded and seemed like he was committed to my calling. Twenty minutes passed and he seemed to be in the same exact spot. From here I decided I’d move to my left and away from him. When I moved I called all the way to my new setup. This really got the longbeard fired up. I sat next to a big pine and he was closing the distance towards my new location. I’d say 10 minutes passed before he was sitting in my lap :D I let the Browning Gold finish him off and I was done for the day in Georgia. I stayed one more day before heading to North Carolina for a turkey hunt. I had a great time with my bud and we did find success on one of Georgia’s finest wma in the Piedmont region.
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