**2004** Texas – Escondido Ranch (Navy) – Check

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**2004** Texas – Escondido Ranch (Navy) – Check

Post by Gobble157 » Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:20 pm

Texas – Complete!

So while I was stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX, I did loads of turkey hunting in my two years there. I helped a number of guys get their first turkey all over the surrounding WMAs in southern TX. I med this one guy that said there was a huge military bombing range south of San Antonio in Freer, TX. He said he had been down there to hunt deer and javelina, but not turkeys. So we decided to make a trip out of it and hunt the area. We got down there on a Friday night and had a few beers with the rangers that ran the place. They were enlisted navy servicemen that were on a special duty assignment. Talk about jackpot! This place was awesome! It had a huge lodge and tons of land to hunt. The next morning we took off to this bottom that had turkeys and just sat tight till first light. While we were waiting we saw a few Diamondback Rattlers and some huge pigs. Talk about getting my blood pressure up early in the morning…LOL! At first light I heard a few gobbles in the distance. There was this huge fence line that had most of the turkeys roosting on it. So we sat up and made a few calls in this nicely plowed field. The turkeys all flew down and made their way towards our setup. I didn’t have any of my own stuff at the time, so I was basically running a mouth call and that was it. I also borrowed a shotgun that had a combo improved cylinder choke and Federal #6 shot. I was already feeling a little uneasy about this since I had no clue how this gun shot or what the pattern looked like. All I cared about was being out there in the woods in some new terrain chasing some turkeys.

After 30 minutes had passed these Rios were making their way towards our setup. I made a few more soft calls and they fired off like I have never heard. They were quadruple gobbling all the way to my gun. At 30 yards I took a shot and basically injured one of the longbeards and he ran off into the mesquite. I instantly got up and ran after him. I reloaded the shotgun and went looking for him. To my luck he was tucked away in the thicket still alive. I approached him and took one more shot to finish him off. Needless to say, I shot off half of his beard and did a number on him :D LOL! It was a great trip and one of the most enjoyable hunts I had in Texas. If you’re military I would highly suggest this place. Great place and there’s a super nice lodge to hang out after a hunt.

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